Grupo Vision



Jaimé Medina (August 12, 1985), lead vocals and bajo sexto
Javier Medina (August 12, 1985), second vocals and accordion
Josué Medina (brother), drums; Carlos García, percussion; Adam Resendez, bass

Everything started in San Antonio, Texas when two brothers had a dream to show people their talent and love for the music which they had since they were kids.
VISION is formed up by the twins Jaime and Javier Medina, then the rest of the band members include Joshua Medina, Carlos Garcia and Adam Rezendez who are all from San Antonio, TX. Vision recorded their first CD “Te Quiero” which came out in 2008 and produced by Johnny Lee Rosas, Jaime and Javier Medina. In 2011 Vision brought out a second CD called “Con Ganas” which was produced by the twins Jaime and Javier. In both CD’s Vision brought out two singles that were played in parts of Mexico such as Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Guanajuato and Coahuila.
The songs were also promoted in the state of Texas in cities such as Dallas, Laredo, San Antonio, Mcallen, Waco, Lubbock, and Austin. The CD “Te Quiero” includes songs with different rhythms like cumbias, rancheras, and a balad. The songs on “Te Quiero” composed by composers who are well known in the regional mexican genre like: Luis Padilla, Aaron Martinez, Josue Contreras, Nacho Lozano, Adrian Gonzales, Ramiro Villareal, Eloy Mercado, Miguel Cortez, and Javier and Jaime Medina. Vision is now working on their third CD called “En Tus Manos,” produced by the twins Jaime and Javier.

1988 When Javier and Jaimé would run up to the stage and dance, their father, Javier Sr. would give one of them a cow bell and the other a güiro and they would play along with the music. 1996 The identical twins told their father that they wanted to learn to play the accordion. Shortly thereafter Jaimé learned to play bass followed by bajo sexto. They also played along to records
by Los Cachorros, Ramón Ayala and Paulino Bernal because they were the best in their genre. “We also noted that their arrangements were more complicated,” Jaimé said. 2001 Jaimé started singing and playing bajo sexto and Javier accompanied him on accordion. 05-03 They graduated from South San High School then went to Texas A&M where they graduated with a bachelor in business degree. While in college, they occasionally jammed with friends, and fans such la familia Méndez plus Texas Chrome Shop.

2006 They got the crowd going when they opened for Intocable at the Strawberry Saloon in Poteet and this caught the attention of Intocable’s manager, Óscar Carrasco. Within three months Visión recorded a three-song demo with Gibby Velásquez. 2008 Intocable signed Visión to Good I Music, their own record and their first CD was produced by Johnny Lee Rosas. “The result is that we started opening for Intocable like every other week all over Texas, Monterrey, Guadalupe and Linares Nuevo León, Mexico; and that was a big break and huge stepping stone,” Jaimé said with gratitude. 2011 Their second CD, “Con Ganas,” was released and before they knew it, they were sharing the stage with Intocable, Los Traileros Del Norte, Los Dos de Nuevo León and Los Cadernales.”

2014 Vision teamed up with Joey Rodriguez manager of David Lee Garza y Los Musicales to continue their strive to their goal in becoming a head-lining band.

2008 “Te Quiero” (“I Love You”) (CD produced by Johnny Lee Rosas) GOOD I MUSIC GIM 001 “Esperar” (“Wait), a cumbia written by Luis Padilla from La Firma, got heavy airplay all over South Texas, the Rio Grande Valley and parts of northern Mexico, but the twins never knew it was hitting because it wasn’t played in San Antonio. “Regresa de Nuevo” (“Come Back”) written by Javier Medina, is also included in this CD 2011 “Con Ganas” (“With Desire”) GOOD I MUSIC GIM 010 The title song was also their first single and it charted in the “Top Five” in Reynosa, Tamp. MX That tune and “Aferrado A Ti” also garnered airplay at most La Ley, La Nueva, El Norte and some Tejano formatted radio stations in Texas plus parts of the Mexican states of Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Puebla, Guanajuato and virtually all internet stations.

2014 “En Tus Manos” (“In Your Hands”)
In progess to be released end of April 2014

2009 In Montemorelos, they performed before 15,000 people when they shared the stage with Solido, Leyenda and La Firma. 2013 In Mcallen, TX performed with Intocable y Los Traileros in front of 10,000 people

Album Tracks

  • En Tus Manos (Feat. David Farias)